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macedonia ancient kingdom wikipedia - macedonia m s d o n i or macedon m s d n greek makedon a was an ancient kingdom on the periphery of archaic and classical greece and later the dominant state of hellenistic greece the kingdom was founded and initially ruled by the royal argead dynasty which was followed by the antipatrid and antigonid dynasties, macedonia naming dispute wikipedia - the use of the name macedonia is disputed between the southeastern european countries of greece and the republic of macedonia formerly a state within yugoslavia pertinent to its background is an early 20th century multifaceted dispute and armed conflict that formed part of the background to the balkan wars the specific naming dispute although an existing issue in yugoslav greek relations, greek lexicon of the roman and byzantine periods from b c - the history of count zosimus sometime advocate and chancellor of the roman empire rome history empire 30 b c 476 a d 1814 zosimus