General John Gordon Seven Battles -

john brown gordon wikipedia - john brown gordon february 6 1832 january 9 1904 was an attorney a planter general in the confederate states army and politician in the postwar years by the end of the civil war he had become one of robert e lee s most trusted generals, major general john b gordon civil war thoughtco - the following month he ably led the regiment during the battle of seven pines outside richmond va in late june gordon returned to combat as general robert e lee began the seven days battles striking at union forces gordon quickly established a reputation for fearlessness in battle, john b gordon american battlefield trust - gen john b gordon s brigade seals a breach in the confederate line on the first day of the battle of the wilderness part of grant s 1864 overland campaign in virginia peninsula campaign learn more about the seven days battles in june and july of 1862 from historian robert e l krick, john brown gordon american civil war stories - general john brown gordon was the indestructible man during the civil war during the war he was shot repeatedly but kept on fighting a truly entertaining character, john brown gordon confederate general britannica com - he was at many major civil war battles seven pines malvern hills chancellorsville gettysburg spotsylvania and petersburg and he commanded one wing of general robert e lee s army just prior to appomattox a hero to georgians at the age of just 33 gordon returned to his home state and began to practice law once again, the 9 lives of general john brown gordon historynet - indestructible confederate general john b gordon survived multiple wounds and serious illnesses during the civil war from first manassas to appomattox he proved nothing could keep a good man down, general john gordon at gettysburg account of the - like most memoirs gordon s was self serving and historians dispute some of his claims such as being promoted to lieutenant general the highest military title in the confederate armies nevertheless reminiscences is a spellbinding account of the civil war told by one of its toughest fighters, fanny and john brown gordon civil war women - general john brown gordon and fanny haralson gordon married in 1854 john brown gordon and fanny harralson gordon shared a loyal and passionate marriage for nearly 50 years fanny accompanied her general throughout the civil war and is credited with saving his life on more than once