Footnotes In Gaza By Joe Sacco -

footnotes in gaza a graphic novel joe sacco - joe sacco had already developed an important graphic work well worth of its recognition looking at personal research in conflict zones such as the former yugoslavia or the palestine revisited in these footnotes in gaza, footnotes in gaza by joe sacco - joe sacco does in a comic book more than most journalists do in their investigations he is honest about the limitations of his work footnotes in gaza is brilliant as art as journalism and as an exercize in showing the process of gathering evidence and making clear what is the criteria for usability, footnotes in gaza wikipedia - footnotes in gaza is a journalistic graphic novel by joe sacco about two bloody incidents during the suez crisis it was published in 2009 the book describes the author s quest to get to the bottom of what happened in khan younis and in rafah in the gaza strip in november 1956, footnotes in gaza by joe sacco paperback barnes noble - joe sacco one of the world s foremost cartoonists is the author of among other books palestine which received the american book award and safe area gora de which won the eisner award and was named time magazine s best comic book of 2000, footnotes in gaza by joe sacco interview bookpage - footnotes in gaza took close to seven years two and a half to three months of in the field research he says and then the writing took some months and the drawing took some years sacco estimates that four years of very intense drawing went into the book, book review footnotes in gaza written and illustrated - joe sacco s account of mass killings of palestinians in 1956 impressively combines graphic artistry and investigative reporting, joe sacco s footnotes in gaza egypt independent - footnotes in gaza takes place in both the past and the present sacco interweaves the 1956 episode with an account of modern day gaza black night time streets silenced by curfew occasionally illuminated by israeli flares and tracer fire traffic snarled at ubiquitous israeli checkpoints families rendered homeless by israeli house demolitions, footnotes in gaza the power of memory mark braverman - review footnotes in gaza by joe sacco metropolitan books 2009 mark braverman the power of memory the graphic novel has emerged from its expanded comic book detective thriller and pulp fiction origins to become a powerful literary form, footnotes in gaza review good ok bad - in footnotes sacco splits time between present day gaza that is 2003 these things take a long time to draw and gaza in 1956 where he hopes to unveil the truth behind two massacres the israelis purportedly carried out against palestinian civilians at the end of the suez crisis in the present day sacco moves from contact to contact with his guide and advisor abed as they seek out anyone who lived through the terrible events, eunice wong on footnotes in gaza truthdig - joe sacco s latest volume of comic book journalism footnotes in gaza is a detective story drawn from the greek tragedy of palestinian israeli history, footnotes in gaza by joe sacco 2009 hardcover ebay - find great deals for footnotes in gaza by joe sacco 2009 hardcover shop with confidence on ebay, joe sacco interview books the guardian - footnotes in gaza features all sacco s trademarks for a start there is the author himself one minute infuriated beyond all endurance by checkpoint bureaucracy the next delightedly scoffing, the oxonian review joe sacco representing palestine - dominic davies joe sacco palestine 2001 footnotes in gaza 2009 journalism 2011 in his pioneering work orientalism 1978 the american palestinian academic and activist edward said initiated for the first time a serious interrogation and analysis of euro american representations of the middle east or the orient as he termed it then his huge contribution throughout his life the